NIKE Women Running (Bra, Shorts, Pants) Print
Client: NIKE Women
Agency: Hybrid Design
Art Director: Naomi Duckworth
Cadillac Innovative LinkedIn Banner
Client: Cadillac
Agency: Campbell-Ewald
Creative Director: Jim DiPiazza
Art Director: Diana Barnes
Anthropologie Wedding Line Brand Launch Website
Client: Anthropologie
Agency: Anthropologie
CB2 Print
Client: CB2
Agency: Phenomenon
Art Director: Tom Riddle
Benefit Cosmetics Print + P.O.P.
Client: Benefit Cosmetics
Design Studios: Hatch/WINK
Rise of The Tomb Raider Print/In-Store Posters
Client: SquareEnix/Crystal Dynamics
Agency: g-NET
Art Director: Colin Corcoran
Pantene + P+G Beauty Manifestos (NDA)
Client: P&G
Design Studio: Landor
Go Smile Teeth Whitening Packaging Copy
Client: GoSmile
Design Studio: Werner Design Werks
Designer: Sharon Werner
Awards: AIGA MN
Odwalla Kids Packaging Copy
Client: Coke
Design Studio: Hatch
Riedel Wine Glassery P.O.P. Display in Target
Client: Riedel Wine Glassery
Design Studio: KNOCK
X-Ale Energy Elixir Packaging Copy
Client: X-Ale
Design Studio: Werner Design Werks
Designer: Sharon Werner
Lybations Signature Pre-Mixed Low-Calorie Cocktails Romance Copy
Client: Lybations
Art Director: Scott McEwen
Kuhlman Tea + Espresso Packaging Copy
Client: Kuhlman Clothiers
Design Studio: Imagehaus
Designer: April Mueller
Housewarming Invite
Client: April Mueller & Colin Corcoran
Designer: April Mueller
Awards: AIGA MN
The Angel City (LA) Derby Girls Website and Social Media Video
Client: The Angel City Derby Girls
Creative Director/Art Director: Colin Corcoran
Director: Bruce MacWilliams (Buzzsaw Films)
Various RollerGirl League For-Sale Posters
Client: The Minnesota RollerGirls (St. Paul), The North Star Roller Girls (Minneapolis), The Mad Rollin' Dolls of Madison, WI
Design Studio: The Blueberry Palace, Imagehaus
Art Director: Colin Corcoran
Designers: Ted Olson, April Mueller, Colin Corcoran, Tiger Porter, Jordan A. Smith
Awards: One Show Design, Type Director's Club, PRINT RDA, HOW, Minneapolis Show Gold, AIGA MN (Judge's + People's Choice)
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