Junior Johnson's Midnight Moonshine spread ads + packaging copy
Client: Piedmont Distilleries
Agency: Device Creative Collaborative
Art Director: Doug Pedersen
Awards: Lürzer's Archive Magazine Vol 2./2014, Lürzer's 200 Best Packaging Designs 2015
Jägermeister Integrated Campaign
Client: Jägermeister
Agency: Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate, Inc.
Art Director: Colin Corcoran
Espolón Tequila (Pitch)
Agency: Nice Advertising
Hornitos Tequila (pitch)
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Bud Light (pitch)
Agency: Energy BBDO
Wild Turkey Master's Keep Packaging Design Romance Copy
Wild Turkey 81 and 101 Bottle Redesign Romance Copy
Zaya Rum Romance Copy
Lybations Signature Pre-Mixed Cocktails Romance Copy
Napa Jack's small-space newspaper ads (client mandated sexual innuendo)
Client: Napa Jack's Wine Boutique
Art Director: Tiger Porter
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