Shiner Beers Bottle Cap Newspaper Campaign

Awards: Lürzer's Archive Magazine

Shiner Beers P.O.P.ulation Signs OOH/Ambient

Men's Magazine Campaign
Agency: Device Creative Collaborative
Awards: Lürzer's Archive Magazine, Graphis Advertising Annual, Lürzer's 200 Best Packaging Designs
Integrated Campaign (Branded Entertainment, Bar Signage, Promotional Program, Brand Manifesto)
Agency: Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate, Inc.

Pitch (NDA)
Agency: Nice Advertising
Pitch (NDA)
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Pitch (NDA) 
Agency: Energy BBDO

Packaging Design Romance Copy

Design Studio: Pearlfisher

W81 and 101 Bottle Redesigns Romance Copy

Design Studio: Pearlfisher

Packaging Romance Copy

Agency: R&W Creative

Small-space newspaper ads (client mandated sexual innuendo)
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